Educational institutions (K–12, plus college/graduate and professional/technical schools) are among the most aggressively-breached entities with almost 159 million records exposed in more than 1,300 publicly-reported events during the period from 2005 to mid-2013, according to the Data Privacy Clearinghouse. Student records include critical Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as social security numbers, financial transaction data, confidential academic results and more. Reputation consequences are significant based on the public’s perception of trust in educational institutions as well as customers (students) who remain unaware — and are later surprised to learn — that their information is vulnerable.

DataVantage® Software Solutions:

  • Maintain policies to address information security and to prevent data breaches.
  • Mask and de-identify the required student PII and private institution information to protect it from data breaches.
  • Generates automated, realistic-looking datasets for use in application development, testing, training and CRM applications.
  • Restricts data access on a need-to-know basis.
  • Tracks and monitors access to PII via data audit trails and helps identify who has accessed sensitive data.


DataVantage® Software

Mainframe — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage DME®
 DataVantage® for Db2
 DataVantage® for IMS

Distributed Systems — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage Global®

View and Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files:
 DataVantage AdVisEr®
 ES File Editor™