Leadership Alliances

With more than 30 years experience in Data Management, Direct Computer Resources, Inc. has developed professional relationships with numerous industry thought leaders and researchers to keep the company at the forefront of business intelligence, data privacy, data protection and legislative developments.

Carnegie Mellon University Cylab

Founded in 2003, CyLab’s public-private partnerships develop new technologies for measurable, secure, sustainable computing and communications systems. With CyLab, DCR accesses research including governance of data privacy and cyber security which overlaps with the Company’s interests encompassing information access, data protection and data compliance.

Internet Security Alliance

The Internet Security Alliance (ISA) is a hybrid Think Tank/Professional Association–style organization whose members are committed to collaboration with the U.S. government regarding critical information security issues while representing industry perspectives and identifying synergies. As a member of the Board since 2008, DCR executives have led research committees and spearheaded reports in concert with the Internet Security Alliance (ISA) and its other Board members, including Dell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Verizon, Bank of New York Mellon and Fidelity Investments, among others.

InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards

DCR has been a longtime member of The InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards (INCITS) which is the forum of choice for information technology developers, producers and users for the creation and maintenance of formal de jure IT standards. INCITS promotes the effective use of Information and Communication Technology through standardization in a way that balances the interests of all stakeholders and increases members organizations’ global competitiveness.


CIONET is the largest, European-based, invitation-only community of IT executives, comprised of more than 4,000 CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors. The group provides thought leadership, research and educational support through its members’ pioneering vision and dedicated expertise towards solving IT management challenges. DCR has been a member since 2008 through the company’s office in Belgium.

DataVantage® Software

Mainframe — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage DME®
 DataVantage® for Db2
 DataVantage® for IMS

Distributed Systems — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage Global®

View and Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files:
 DataVantage AdVisEr®
 ES File Editor™