DataVantage® for VSAM

Description: DataVantage® for VSAM is a data masking and data management software tool which protects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and private/sensitive company data that might otherwise be compromised during a data breach. Once masked, live data from production databases can be used safely for non-production purposes such as application development, testing, training, and CRM applications while complying with government regulations and internal organizational policies.

DataVantage® for VSAM features include:

  • One-step, ‘on-the-fly’ data masking during the COPY process to help prevent data breaches. (Production data is never persisted without being masked. The original unmasked data never appears outside the source database.)
  • Fast dataset-to-dataset copy.
  • Record browsing and editing.
  • Copybook map of records.
  • VSAM File Utility.
  • Can be downloaded directly from the Internet without requiring SMP/E activity.
  • Operates in both ISPF and batch modes.

Data Masking Capabilities

DataVantage for VSAM provides one-step, ‘on-the-fly’ data masking. To create a test database, the user identifies the particular fields to be masked by coding the MASK= keyword on the DSFBLOCK control block created after processing the COBOL copybook. The SEGDUMP and SORT commands perform the masking as part of the data unload process. The masking results are independent of the operating system. Once masking is in place, it is unaffected by upgrades in the operating system.

DataVantage for VSAM vs the Competition

DataVantage software outperforms every competitor for tasks in the table below. All product and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

DataVantage® for VSAM
The Affordable and Effective Solution to Mainframe Software Price Increases
Data Management Functions VSAM® DataVantage® for VSAM Broadcom CA File MasterTM VSAM Compuware File-Aid® MVS IBM File Manager for z/OS® VSAM
Copy Book Support
Edit Records
Edit Records (Insert, Change, Delete)
List Option… CSV Output
Compare Files
Copy Files Selections… Record Types, Fields, Max Entries
Copy Files Mask Options
Batch Processing for above Functions

DataVantage® Software

Mainframe — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage DME®
 DataVantage® for Db2
 DataVantage® for IMS

Distributed Systems — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage Global®

View and Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files:
 DataVantage AdVisEr®
 ES File Editor™