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In the late 1970s, George Lang invented a new product for the mainframe: the first-ever application development testing and data management software tool, DataVantage® for IMS. While supporting a group of 40+ programmers who were moving through the complexities of developing a worldwide IMS application, George developed this time-saving tool which facilitated the automatic creation of an IMS catalogue, data editing in IMS databases, sub-setting large databases, as well as the ability to create queries and review “before and after” comparisons of changed data in either batch or online environments — all of which was revolutionary during that period.

The founders then expanded the company’s slate of enterprise software products to address the entire mainframe spectrum (now known as DataVantage for z/OS). Soon after, the Company developed software for distributed computing environments. DCR’s family of DataVantage software products enables users to view, edit, copy, manage, migrate, mask, de-identify and obfuscate data effectively and affordably in all the many database environments.

DCR was the first software developer to incorporate data masking facilities in the z/OS environment to protect all kinds of sensitive data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The rise of regulatory and compliance requirements along with evolving corporate policies has mandated data privacy and data protection, as does the increasing frequency of and risks associated with data breaches. Data Masking enables the safe use of production data for any non-production purposes such as development and testing.

DCR holds multiple domestic and international patents relative to data masking and data obfuscation, while DataVantage Global®, a data management and masking tool for distributed systems, earned a designation as qualified anti-terrorism technology (QATT) from the Department of Homeland Security.

DCR introduced two new products: DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express™ and DataVantage AdVisEr® (Advanced Visualization Editor). DataVantage DME is the industry’s most affordable data masking tool with multiple, flexible pricing options tailored to any organization’s budget. DataVantage AdVisEr enables the visualization and editing of data that’s been altered during data application modernization efforts.

Hundreds of Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies have trusted DataVantage with their most valuable data for more than 35 years. The company’s software products are installed in industries as diverse as finance (banks, credit unions, investment and insurance companies), governments (federal, state, county, municipal), health care organizations (hospitals, biotech, pharmaceutical), educational institutions (K-12, universities, graduate schools), retailers and more, facilitating data management while reducing the risk of jeopardizing private and sensitive information.

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DataVantage® Software

Mainframe — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage DME®
 DataVantage® for Db2
 DataVantage® for IMS

Distributed Systems — Data Masking and Data Management:
 DataVantage Global®

View and Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files:
 DataVantage AdVisEr®
 ES File Editor™