Data Privacy Enterprise Risk Assessment

A 360-degree view of your organization’s data flow and policies helps to prevent data breaches. Reviewing current policies, procedures and business culture is a good place to start. DCR offers three types of Data Privacy Enterprise Risk Assessment Seminars led by expert staff and nationally-recognized guest speakers. These Risk Seminars are targeted to executives, managers and corporate board members to help identify high-impact information assets, to quantify enterprise data risk consequences and to mentor and train company staff to embrace a risk/reward orientation.

Cyber Risk versus Enterprise Data Risk

The risks associated with Enterprise data are as onerous as those associated with other kinds of cyber attacks such as firewall intrusions, authentication issues and other security challenges. Often overlooked, Enterprise Data Risks require the same types of public reporting as other security incidents or lapses. Corporate boards and C-level executives must be fully aware of their obligations related to data security in complex environments such as mergers and acquisitions, data migrations from mainframe to distributed environments, and cloud storage, among other complexities. Learn More »

IT executives, compliance officers and corporate staff responsible for the authorship of any organization’s 10-K, 10-Q or other financial reports should consider participating in these training seminars:

Risk Workshop:

Half-day mentoring session that includes exactly how and where:

  • Cyber risk integrates with enterprise data risk deliberations.
  • Financial and reputation exposure can be quantified.
  • Resource-allocation strategies and prudent cyber-risk disclosures can be strengthened.

Risk Master Class:

Two, half-day working sessions offer instruction on how to:

  • Conduct cyber-risk analyses as applied to a specific enterprise.
  • Develop procedures to create an Enterprise Data Risk Architecture.
  • Trace data breaches and exploitations from ‘Wiring Closet to Balance Sheet.’
  • Allocate exposure among data-risk avoidance, prevention, response or hedging alternatives.

Risk Analysis:

A 12-week program which provides a complete ‘Wiring Closet to Balance Sheet’ risk consequence analysis of a specific enterprise to:

  • Capture Enterprise Data Risk Architecture and analyze high-impact data breaches and exploitations.
  • Post financial exposure and reputation indices in a Risk Balance Sheet.
  • Identify Information Assets which have enterprise data-risk implications.
  • Facilitate integration of final assessment into an all-encompassing enterprise risk policy.


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