DataVantage AdVisEr® ES File Editor

Data Visualization of Micro Focus COBOL Files

DataVantage AdVisEr (Advanced Visualizer and Editor) ES File Editor accelerates data integration, offering advanced functionality by enabling users to access, view and edit indexed and sequential Micro Focus COBOL files following mainframe rehosting or application modernization to Micro Focus Enterprise Server environments.

DataVantage AdVisEr features:

  • Integration with Micro Focus COBOL files.
  • Support for SQL query syntax on COBOL data.
  • Support for Micro Focus COBOL file formats and character encoding schemes, including indexed and sequential files and ASCII and EBCDIC encoding.
  • Data viewers that support both Character and HEX viewing.
  • Data can be edited one record at a time, or over the entire COBOL file.
  • Communicates with data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and others via JDBC drivers and other middleware.

Technical Data Sheets

For a technical data sheet on DataVantage AdVisEr® ES File Editor: A Simple and Affordable Tool to View and Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files, download the PDF below.

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