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Regardless of where your business is located, if it holds or processes personal data for EU citizens or residents, your organization is subject to a vast ocean of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

Direct Computer Resources’ DataVantage® enterprise software solutions manage and anonymize data to help meet GDPR requirements for de-identification of personal data using anonymization techniques. Personal data in data sets masked by DataVantage enterprise software are:

  • Anonymized to help meet GDPR requirements.
  • De-identified by replacing personal identifiers such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates and government-issued identification numbers with artificial data.
  • Masked using data substitution and other repeatable and irreversible processes.
  • Replaced with functional data that can be used for development, testing, data analytics, outsourcing and other non-production purposes.

To learn more about DataVantage software’s powerful data masking advantages for GDPR, please complete this form to request more information.


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