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DataVantage AdVisEr®

Data Visualization + Editing for Mainframe Rehosting Initiatives

Among the biggest concerns that organizations face during mainframe rehosting, application modernization or other types of data migration initiatives are the risks of downtime and its business impacts, budget overruns, and the ability to maintain overall functionality of data files and applications post-migration into Linux, Unix, Windows or other environments.

DataVantage AdVisEr (Advanced Visualizer and Editor) accelerates data integration, offering advanced functionality by enabling users to access, view and edit indexed and sequential COBOL files when migrating mainframe applications and files to either Micro Focus or Dell’s UniKix® environments.

DataVantage AdVisEr features:

  • Integration with Micro Focus or Dell's Clerity Solutions’ formatted COBOL files.
  • The ability to create SQL joins between files or sets of record types within a single file.
  • Support for SQL query syntax on COBOL data.
  • Support for numerous file formats and character encoding schemes, including indexed and sequential files and ASCII and EBCDIC encoding.
  • Data viewers that support both HEX and CHAR viewing.
  • Reads COBOL copybooks and populates a metadata repository.
  • Operates as a 100% pure Java which enables users to access data from 200+ commercial data platforms, including most major RDBMS.
  • Data can be edited one record at a time, or over the entire dataset.
  • Communicates with data sources, including Oracle, Sybase, Informix and others via JDBC drivers and other middleware.

View/Download DataVantage AdVisEr®: Application Modernizaton Solution to Access, View and Edit Data Post Migration (PDF)

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