No bloatware, just data masking.
Save money and mask data.
Manage your budget with subscription pricing.
Masked and ready for GDPR compliance.
Mask data to meet HIPAA, PCI, or DSS requirements.
DataVantage Adviser ES File Editor to view and edit Micro Focus COBOL files.
DataVantage Global designated as qualified anti-terrorism technology.
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DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express




No bloatware.
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DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express™

and Mask Data:

Save Money

Mask data.
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DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express™

Affordable Subscription Pricing

Manage Budget:

Data masking subscription.

Masked & Ready for GDPR


GDPR data masking compliance.
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PCI DSS Requirements


Mask Data to Meet HIPAA

Data masking regulatory compliance.
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DataVantage AdVisEr® ES File Editor™:

View & Edit Micro Focus COBOL Files

An Affordable Solution to

Micro Focus COBOL file editor.
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Designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology

DataVantage Global®

Recognized Protection:

DataVantage Global.
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Data Management and Data Protection

Production Data

Our smart, cost-efficient data masking and data management software helps you prevent data breaches, pass compliance audits and meet domestic and international regulatory requirements for data protection. Masking production data with DataVantage® software allows you to safely use that data for non-production purposes.

GDPR Compliance

Data Masking helps you meet GDPR compliance for data governance, inventories, protection and breaches. It can also help handle individual rights around data collection, retention and usage. Among other elements, DataVantage® data masking software solutions can assist with GDPR anonymization requirements.

Robust Tools for HIPAA Compliance

Ensure information security with our software to prevent sensitive data exposure.

Mask and de-identify customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and corporate data.

Generate realistic datasets for development, testing, training, and CRM development.

Restrict data access on a need-to-know basis.

Implement audit trails to track and monitor PII access and to identify unauthorized users.

Bill Vitiello Interviewed by Chris Hayes

ITAM Executive Podcast host Chris Hayes and guest Bill Vitiello discuss the mainframe's critical role in IT asset management (transcript).

Topics include: Why the mainframe is here to stay; Best practices and challenges around mainframe licensing; Savings derived from successful management of mainframe licensing; and The importance of a proactive and collaborative approach.

Mask Data and Save Money with an Affordable Software Subscription

Annual contracts for DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express include free upgrades and support.

A flat-rate subscription for data masking software saves you money and makes budgeting easier! DataVantage DME is an affordable data masking software tool for IMS, Db2 (or both) that protects production data for DevOps, Quality Assurance, Analytics, Testing, Training, and more. Don’t upgrade from your current data management suite without talking to us first: DataVantage DME runs alongside these programs and installs as an application program at a fraction of the cost.

DataVantage® Software: Industry Leading Solutions

Mainframe Data Management and Data Protection

DataVantage DME® Data Masking Express
DataVantage® for Db2
DataVantage® for IMS
DataVantage® for VSAM

Distributed Systems Data Management and Data Protection

DataVantage Global®

Data Access, Visualization and Editing for Mainframe Rehosting

View and edit Micro Focus COBOL files.
DataVantage AdVisEr®